Filemaker to Excel... but they don't want 50+ columns...

Discussion created by ender on Sep 15, 2016
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Our area manager wants an export from Filemaker to Excel, but doesn't want "a huge spreadsheet with 50+ columns". She want to know if there is a way to export Filemaker data (including portal data from related tables) to specific cells in Excel spreadsheets--one record per spreadsheet. From what I understand, she is hoping for something form-like similar to what we have in Filemaker. (The spreadsheets will be a "long-term interim" tool while a corporate system is under transition.)


I've been reading about exporting as .csv, XML/XLST, Merge, etc. and working with pivot tables, etc., and encountering descriptions that sound vaguely similar to what we want to do, but am confused on what would actually get us there. I have almost no experience with other formats, and I'm no Excel expert either. (I'm just the FM database person.)


Part of my problem, I think, is that some of the descriptions I've read reference deprecated functionality in Filemaker or Excel (e.g. apparently Excel used to have a Filemaker import option).


  • What process and/or format should I spend my time researching in order to make this happen?
  • Anyone know of a tutorial that would help?


We have multiple users on various platforms:

  • Filemaker: 13 (soon to be 14) on Windows 10 Enterprise, some still on Windows 7, and some on Mac OS Mavericks (soon to be Yosemite)
  • Excel: 2016 on Windows 10, and 2013 on Windows Enterprise 7
  • May also have some users on Excel 2008 on Mac OS


Thank you.