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    Modifying records


      I have an issue where I have users that need to create a new record in the system but I can't let them modify those fields once they fill them out. Is there a way to allow them to fill out the information initially but not change it with the exception of admin? Right now, all I have been able to do is create a script trigger to let them know that they do not have permission to edit the fields (because they are not logged in as admin) and not let them in it. However, that does not allow them to create the record initially. I cannot turn their security off completely for modifying because they have to be able to modify other fields within the database. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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          build a data entry interface ontop of a bunch of globals that has a submit button and at submit click you validate and move the data from the globals to the real records in a table.

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            Thank you but I actually found an easier way to do it. I just created a script trigger that checks to see if the field is empty which in our case, the field will not be empty unless it is a new record, and if it is empty, exit the script and let all of the users modify the field. However, if it is not empty and they are not logged in the account name of admin, it will display an error message that they do not have access to the field. Thank you all for your help!