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Consolidate Layout contents to PDF report

Question asked by goutam on Sep 15, 2016
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I have already built a layout. The image of the layout is shown below.



I want to add a button to consolidate it with the below formula and create a pdf report (like in preview mode) to create a pdf and save it on their pc.


The formula is all the records have to grouped by a combination of Semester, Year, Center and Supervisor and for those records, the numerical values of all rleated columns should be added and I should get only one record. For eg, in the above image, there are two records with "Spring" as Semester, "2016" as Year, "OSU-Tulsa" as Center and "csd" as Supervisor, their corresponding values for Evaluation speech are summed and a single value is present in the below image. The below one was performed with the following query in Access


SELECT DISTINCTROW Semester, StudentId, LastName, FirstName, Year, Centers, Supervisor, Sum(EVLCSP) AS [Sum Of EVLCSP], ...Similarly all colums...

FROM tblHours

GROUP BY tblSemester.Semester, LastName, FirstName, Year, Centers, Supervisor


The existing pdf image is shown below and how the values are to be grouped is also shown below. How to get a pdf file like the one below in FileMaker? I am a little new to Filemaker but I read a lot of documentation. I am not sure if I can create this in Summary Report without listing all rows but just listing the grandtotal and also did not know how to specify the group by Semester, Year, Supervisor and Center.