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    Page Breaks on Reports?


      Just curious if there is a symbol for a page break in reports? I have a layout that is designed for a printed report. Because I have dozens and dozens of fields that could potentially slide up if empty, I would like to place a page break above a specific field. I want all the data on the same report with the same header and footer information, but I want to insert a page break if possible. Any tips are greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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          No such layout object exists.


          You could place a non-sliding object just below the page break to keep objects below it from sliding past it. There's an option in the view menu that can make page breaks visible.

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            Ok. Just thought I would check. Placing the non-sliding object doesn't work for me in this case as there are too many potential empty fields above where I want the page to break, which creates the possibility of a completely empty page in between. It's no big deal. I will just forget about the page break or make 2 different layouts.


            Thanks for the response!