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    Popover does not close after refresh


      Product and version Filemaker Pro Advanced 15

      OS and version MacOS 10.11.5

      Browser and version Chrome 52.0.2743.116 / Safari 9.1.1


      I have a database with two layouts and place a popover with two buttons on one of them. (see attachment)


      The first button does the following

      - go to the second layout

      - directly come back to the original layout

      - go to object (to open the popover again)

      - refresh the window


      Then I click the second button to go to another layout (in this case again the second layout).

      Using the client there is no problem, but in Webdirect the popover is not closed (although all object on it disappear) and it blocks the view in the second layout.


      Of course my initial script on the first button was a bit more complex, but this is just to replicate the problem.