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    FMS14 crashes


      I have a problem that I've never seen before since before 1996.I have a network using my order entry, invoicing, inventory etc. program from 1997 after I went to Filemaker school.  I am currently using FMS14 and have six in-house users.  I recently replaced one of the computer users to a new Apple mini and installed FMP15 on it.  This computer is the main order entry person.  Lately it shows a problem saying the file, "FMS_D789CE89CF314B33FE3D63A7E3AE039B.fch" could not be created on the system disk.  Use a different name, make more room on the disk or unlock it.  I know of two files the operator tries to open and sometimes gets this message every day.  She closes, restarts the program and continues on.  I cannot duplicate the occurrences my computer.  I plan to upgrade to FMS15 once everything settles down.  I don't want to complicate the problems.  I cannot even upload files to the server automatically and have been doing it the manual way.  Is this problem in the server even though no other computer is experiencing the problems?  I had to update my databases from Filemaker Pro 11 when 12 arrived.  I've had no problems with the conversions including my employee time clock.


      I might mention that my FMP14 and FMPA14 programs all start out scrambled and then straighten out.  It does not happen with FMPA13 or FMPA15.  Please excuse my lack of knowledge from FMP12 on.  It feels like everything has changed and I have to catch up.

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          This sounds very similar to an issue with FileMaker Pro v15 when opening files under certain conditions. Have at these links and see if you're affected by the same bug:


          Error "Temporary file could not be created" when opening a favorited file | FileMaker


          FM Pro Error Message: Temporary file cannot be created.




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            Nothing in your post relates to FMS crashing. Just saying.

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              Sorry, I've been busy using the program in question.  Although my original post said FMS crashes, it does not.  I know this because other computers continue to use the server.  The message said it crashed.  I only have one user using FMP15 at the present time and she was the only user having problems. She is on vacation so I've been using FMPA15 and FMPA14 with the programs on the server to do her job.  FMPA15 gives me problems by crashing when I am moving between files two or three times a day just as she had.  When using a pull down menu it may not alway work.  I get the spinning ball for a minute and then it crashes or gives me nothing.  FMPA14 gives me the value but takes longer than it used to.  When opening the program on the server, FMPA14 starts out slowly with a broken up looking picture and then clears up.  It has been like that for the last year but it has run properly.  Right now I am not feeling confident about using Filemaker Pro.  I've trashed the FMP15 from my order entry desk and loaded FMP14 on it.  When the operator comes back next week I'll see what happens.  The same set of files ran very smoothly for years.  FMP11 probably ran the best.  I never had any problems other than with FMP7.