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Summation for a fixed period

Question asked by scheip22 on Sep 16, 2016
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Dear all,


Does someone have a solution for next problem? 

Layout 1.

Here you could find a summary list of the daily and total workhours of a machine.

. Date 1 _            Daily hours_                     


. Date 2 _            Daily hours _


. Date 3 _            Daily hours_                     


. Date 4 _            Daily hours _


. Date 5 _            Daily hours_                     


. Date 6 _            Daily hours _


.                              Total_


In Layout 2. A calculation should be made of the workhours from a specific component (of the machine), from the date of installation till now. How could I determine the workhours (Layout 1) of a fixed period e.g. from date 2 till date 4?

In some cases, the defined date (layout 2 :: installation date) is in the range of the summary period, but not literally mentioned in the summary list.

Thanks a lot!