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Web Viewer not rendering PDFs

Question asked by Devon Braun on Sep 18, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2017 by Devon Braun

I've got a web viewer whose contents are built on the following calculation:


     <iframe src='[PathToWebHostedPdf]' style='width:100%;height:100%;'></iframe>


On one computer it works fine, on another it does not.

Both computers are MacBook Pro late 2013, Running Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6, and both are looking at the exact same hosted web-hosted PDF.


The computer that renders PDFs just fine is running FMPA 12.

The computer that fails to render is FMPA 15.  Instead of the PDF it's showing an all-black screen.


The same web viewer, renders the above iframe just fine when it points to a web page not containing a PDF.

And the computer is perfectly capable of rending the hosted PDF in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, just not in the FMPA 15 web viewer.


So the problem seems limited to a version of FMPA running on this particular computer when viewing a PDF.


I found this: PDF file may not display in a Web Viewer or Interactive Container field | FileMaker and this: Unable to display PDF file directly in Web Viewer on Mac OS X | FileMaker, old posts which point the finger at Adobe Reader and the suggest to 'turn of enabled-plugins'.  I don't have Reader, but do have latest version Adobe Acrobat DC from Adobe CC, and didn't immediately find a relevant option.


Any ideas?