ValueListItems issue / conditional selection problem

Discussion created by phillegg on Sep 18, 2016
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Hi Filemaker Community


I've been banging my head against the wall for a few days now and would like to ask for some expert advice on an issue of 'conditional selection'


In the attached file, when you open it up, it shows the Data Entry layout. On this layout is a bunch of radio buttons 5 fields down called 'Media Type' that allow selection of various media (Radio, Press, TV & Live Bookings)


If you select 'Radio', when you then click on the drop-down field 'Activity' (3 fields further down), you get a selection of options (defined by the Value List 'Summary Activity List Radio') and if you select 'Press' you get a selection of options (defined by the Value List 'Summary Activity List Press')


This worked well for a while, whilst I had only Press & Radio options. However, I have recently added 2 additional radio buttons: "TV" and "Live Bookings" to the 'Media Type' field, but these new buttons do not show their respective lists ('Summary Activity List TV' & 'Summary Activity List Live Bookings') when the drop down field 'Activity' is clicked on.


The process that allows the drop-down lists to show for each option of the 'Media Type' field is as follows . . . .


When clicking on 'Activity' the field looks at the Value List 'Summary Activity' which points towards the field 'Contacts Main::ActivityConditional (related values only)' that points to 'Include only related values starting from: Media Type'.


The 'ActivityConditional' field has the following code in it:


Case (  Media Type = "Radio" ; ValueListItems ( $fileName ; "Summary Activity List Radio" );

           Media Type = "Press" ;  ValueListItems ( $fileName ; "Summary Activity List Press" );

           Media Type = "TV" ; ValueListItems ( $fileName ; "Summary Activity List TV" );

           Media Type = "Live Bookings" ; ValueListItems ( $fileName ; "Summary Activity List Live Bookings" );

           "" )

I have just added the additional the 2 lines for 'TV' & 'Live Bookings' but cannot see any reason why the the respective lists do not show up for these new options.


I have attached the actual file so you can observe the issue for real and would very much appreciate if someone could let me know how to resolve my problem here and get all 4 options in the 'Media Type' field to display their relevant Activity List.

Many thanks in advance for you help with this issue