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Batch update?

Question asked by ezeitgeist on Sep 16, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2016 by David Moyer

I'm wondering, is it possible to do a batch update (create new multiple records) to a whole bunch of records from a single set of global fields?


I've created a project that has Contacts and a Meetings log. I want to be able to create a new meeting (each is its own record) for multiple Contacts at once. As in, if I have 500 contacts, I want to be able to check off Bill, John, Susan, Sarah, and Hank and create a record for each saying that I sent out a client update to each of them. I could go in and create a new record for each of them, one at a time, but I'm wondering if there is a way I could do a batch update somehow? This would only be for when I do more of an email blast or the like. The Meetings and the Contacts are associated by the Contact_ID from the Contacts table.