What's the password of the fmserver account ?

Discussion created by Vincent_L on Sep 18, 2016
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I need to install something as the fmserver user, in its folder but I can't log in (with command line) because I don't have it's password.

I need to instal a command line utility (so it's working in server side scheduled script), that stores data in the user keychain.

Unfortunately it can't because there's no default keychain.

So I need to create a deafult keychain.


but for that i need to sudo it, and hence need the password of the fmserver user


I tried the password I used to install FMS and it odesn't work. I tried blank also


For those who want to know I'm trying to make this GitHub - debrouwere/google-analytics: A command-line interface and Python API wrapper for Google Analytics.  run, which works perfectly as normal user, but fails due to the above in PSOS