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different records with identical content

Question asked by Atefe on Sep 19, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2016 by Atefe

Hello everybody!

I develope a database with FM 13. The Data of one part of the DB should be treated in this way,
There are about 20 lists and each list is assigned to different orders of one costumer. For example a Customer "John" has 200 orders and they should be numbered as John001, John002,...John199...
All of these orders have the same list. that means the above-mentioned 200 records have a  identical list "Equiment".
That means finally I have 200 records, in which just the suffixs of "John" are different.

My question is, whether I should create really 200 records for each list or is there another way to have all these data without 200 times repeating 

one record? Is there a better Idea?!

I thank you in Advance!