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Creating a Calculation which includes previous data

Question asked by rcbmi1 on Sep 19, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2016 by rcbmi1

Hi all,


I have a data set comprised of numbers of hours. I would like to create a graph which shows the number of hours worked to a given date; weekly evaluation would be the ideal.


For example:


01/01/2016     16

01/08/2016     24

01/21/2016     20


Total hours (projected): 75


For the graph, I would like 01/01/2016 to show 16, 01/08/2016 to show 40, and 01/21/2016 to show 60. How do I accomplish this, short of creating calculations for every repetition of every field I want to evaluate? The purpose is simply to graph how many hours we've put in to a job at a given date.


Thanks in advance for any and all ideas,