User Choose-able custom sort order

Discussion created by manager12 on Sep 18, 2016
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I'm making a contact sheet that lists Peoples Names (and address, phone, email and title in line with their names) under the name of the department they work in.




Joe Smith     Address      Phone    Email

Head Accountant


Sally Voigt    Address      Phone    Email

Assistant to the Accountant


I need to create a way so the user of the database can choose the order in which the names appear under the department header. It won't be alphabetical by name or even title. The user should be able to make any person in the accounting department appear in any order they want, as easily as possible. In the past I have done this by assigning each person a number and the user could change the number of the person in the department and it would sort based upon the number they were assigned. But this is messy and difficult for the user. Any suggestion on how to do this in an easy and streamlined way for the user? Often the user will want to put a persons assistant under directly under that persons name.

Thank you!