Connecting to an Oracle database

Discussion created by peterbb on Sep 19, 2016
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I'm very green to FileMaker. Just started. I've gone through the beginner's tutorials. I'm looking at the intro PDF concerning ODBC. It suggests using ESS (External SQL Sources). But, it's not clear whether that feature is only available to FileMaker server or not. It sounds like it is. I'm not in a position to use Server yet, because, I'm just learning beginning FM.


I've got an interface set up. No records yet. Just a layout. I need to connect to an Oracle DB and pull data from it. My very first record is an "image ID." I want the user to type in an image ID. That image ID needs to be pulled from that Oracle database. Most of the other records have to do with other attributes of that image, from the same DB. It's just not clear in any of this doc how to go about doing that. My pal over in development who actually helped build this Oracle DB gave me this SQL statement:


select count(*) from renditions where image_name="[image ID]"


So, is that inside a script? Or what?