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    Reports on FM like access ?!


      Hi  all ,


      I'm a new member of FM users i was working before by Microsoft Access ,


      on my database i was making reports by clicking on a button i made after ,clicking the button it asks me  on a box (what report number you want )

      and after typing the number of the report what i want it makes a query and get my data ,


      is there is anyway to do this on FM ???


      thanks a lot

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          Hi - the script step "Show Custom Dialog" will give you the option to ask the user a question and allow them to enter a value into a field.  When you are setting up the script in the Show Custom Dialog Options select the Input Fields to specify what field you are wanting the report number to saved in.  You will then need to have your script look at the value entered in the field and run whatever report is required based on the value entered.


          2016-09-20 09_45_03-Script Workspace (Custom Dialog).png


          2016-09-20 09_45_19-Script Workspace (Custom Dialog).png

          The options shown above result in a custom dialog as below.

          2016-09-20 09_45_44-FileMaker Pro Advanced.png


          Hope this helps.  Chris