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Lookup showing a "?"

Question asked by andrewnzinuk on Sep 19, 2016
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I am very new to Filemaker but am really enjoying it so far. One question I have is with a lookup. I have a team member table with a First_Name and a Surname/ I also have a calculated field called Full_Name which is First_Name & " " & Surname concatenated together.


When putting Full_Name on a form the name appears as expected.


I have provided the user with the option of selecting a team member with a drop down box, which shows the team member and ID, with the second field being the Surname. This works fine, If I change the second field to the First Name, this also works fine.


However when I change the second field to the calculated column Full_Name, the lookup comes up with a question mark "?"


Is it possible to have a calculated field appear successfully as second field in a lookup, or am I approaching this the wrong way.