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Timeout when using RESTfm POST

Question asked by wfgclapp on Sep 19, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2016 by wfgclapp

I am looking to create records in a hosted FileMaker file using Goya's RESTfm.


The problem I'm having seems to be on FileMaker or my server's end, so I'm hoping for some CWP expertise (something I have none of).


I am using RESTfm to POST a bulk set of records, all contained in a file. Data formatted as JSON.


Basically, it works. I can POST my JSON file, and records are then created in FileMaker as they are supposed to be.


The problem is that I am needing to post around 11,000 records and the most that ever get posted with my process is around 1,500. BUT IT VARIES. One minute I'll get 1,000 recs through, the next only 600. The next 950, the next 590, or whatever. This is a testing situation I'm posting the same file of data each time, and between tries I'm clearing the FM table.


So, it doesn't seem to be hung on a particular record. Seems like a timeout issue.


But I don't know if this is a FMS issue or a Windows issue (I am running FMS15 on a Windows 2008 server).


I never get a response back via RESTfm, so no error codes. It's like the process just dies.


I could probably break my process down into sending many requests of smaller records, but I first want to see if there are any settings or such that I can adjust to get the largest number of records POSTd in the same request.


I've never fooled with FileMaker's CWP before.


Anyone have a thought, or some good references or documentation to point me towards?


Thanks much.