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Problems with operators in CONSTRAIN FOUND SET

Question asked by ChristianNissen on Sep 19, 2016
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I don´t understand the logic behind finds and Constrain found set operators?


I have a table with records where a field contains say "Labor", "Labor XXX", "Labor YYY" and "Travel" in four different records.

If I try to make a set of records by FIND or constrain an already active set of records with CONSTRAIN FOUND SET

either way ONLY wanting a the record with "Labor", it fails.

I get different results in the set of records by using:

Criteria: field "Labor" -> it returns a set of records with both "Labor" and "Labor XXX" and "Labor YYY" but NOT "Travel"

Criteria: field = "Labor" -> returns an error "No records found"?? Why is that? Why does it differ from the above?

Criteria: field == "Labor" -> also returns the same error? But should it not return only records with the exact match "Labor"??


I have been looking for days into this, I have tried with blanks inserted or no blanks to no avail? I have searched hundreds of pages of documentation and seen perhaps 10 Youtube videos on the subject to no avail? The filemaker documentation tells me to use the operator == but says nothing on HOW to use it to make it work properly? In many instances the documentation of Filemaker is VERY unprecise and lacks all details, thats a pity....Any helpful ideas?




Christian Nissen