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Re-login or show custom dialog

Question asked by tackermax on Sep 19, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2016 by tackermax

Hey folks,

I have two scripts.  New User, and Returning.

For the new user, I have a custom dialog box that points the logins to 2 fields I created.  NewAccount, and NewPassword.

For the returning user, I am using the re-login script step because when I tried using a custom dialog box, with the above 2 fields, I could not figure out how to trigger a "require password change" on next login.  Works fine with re-login.  The only problem with the re-login is that the dialog box pops up with "Account Name", where I'm trying to inform the client to use their email address, so it's confusing folks.


Is there a way to either

1. make a custom dialog box that when used, would work with FM security to trigger a password change when "require password change" is selected for that account?




2. change the default of the Re-login dialog box to have a field description of "Account Email" instead of "Account Name"?