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File Display Filter- FM Server 14 question

Question asked by jdevans on Sep 19, 2016
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I have all of our current production files hosted on FM Server 14. I was just informed by our IT Director that he installed Filemaker Pro for a user who is on the same LAN as me and our FM_Server, but who isn't a part or my work group. When he launches FileMaker Pro, and clicks Hosts on the Launch Center, he can see all of our hosted files.


What can I do to prevent specific users on the same LAN from seeing these files?


I am aware of the setting on FM server that if checked, "Lists only the databases that each user is authorized to access" but I don't understand what the results of checking that box will be based on the way each hosted file is set up. I don't understand which setting at the file level controls whether or not it gets filtered out by that box being checked.


Many of the files were developed years ago by another person who no longer works for our organization, and set them up to open on double-click without a username/password. He set it up so that only someone with a full-access account can modify the file, and layouts. The No-password option opens the file as [Guest], with no ability to modify the file. However, I'd rather make it such that nobody can see those files outside our work organization.

Need to know what I need to do.