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Inventory Relationships

Question asked by on Sep 19, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2016 by DanielShanahan

Hi, I am fairly new to Filemaker and I'm trying to find the best way to approach my issue.

I already have an inventory table that has all of the information regarding hardware (laptop) we issue out to our employees. It contains the serial number, the type of hardware they have, and the employee that possesses the device. However, we are trying to build onto this database. We want all of the software license information contained in this database as well. However, we would like only the available software licenses to display when you are assigning a new laptop to an employee.

For example, every computer has Microsoft Office for Mac installed and we need to have a product key in order for the employee to access Microsoft Office programs. So what we are trying to do is have a huge list of all the Microsoft Office keys and then as we assign the product key to a certain employee, it will be removed from our available list. I know that I will need a separate table to accomplish this. I'm also assuming that I would use inventory ID (PK from the main table) as a foreign key and have a different primary key in the Microsoft Office table. I'm just having a tad bit of an issue on how to make only the available product keys to display and when an employee leaves and the product key is available again, how to add it back to the list of available product keys. I hope this makes sense!