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    Novice here...question on getting mouse scroll wheel to function


      I am a total novice on Filemaker Pro (v10 on Windows 7) and I don't mind staying that way! 


      I had a consultant build my FM system for me years ago from several Excel spreadsheets but he's since gone AWOL.  On FM, I have about 1200 client records.  Each client's details (record?) occupies one laptop screen (sometimes overflows) and each of these records contains numerous personnel contact details (I think you call them fields?) of that client, listed down the page with name, title, phone and email details and records of conversations, etc.  These are listed down the page in horizontal fields in Alpha order of the contact's last name...see attached screen shot.


      To navigate up or down the page, the consultant placed a scroll bar on the right hand side.


      What I want to do is make life easier and use the mouse scroll wheel to navigate up and down the various contact fields in a client record instead of having to use the scroll bar...especially useful if there are many contacts in a client who "disappeat" down out of site below the screen. Any tips on how I do this?  (I looked through a few potential solutions but they all seemed to focus on using the scroll wheel to move through records, not through fields within the records...hope my terminology is correct.  Thanks for your time.



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          It would appear that your records are being shown within a "portal" (a view of related records) and as far as I know (someone else might want to clarify this) but, the scroll wheel won't work within portals.

          If you where to view these records within the "child" table, in list view, I believe the scroll wheel should work.

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            Thanks for the reply Peter.  I don't know if this helps but I can use the scroll wheel if I change from "form" view (one client record at a time) to "list" or "table" view - I can then scroll (using the wheel) though the list of clients.  The problem remains that I can't get the scroll wheel to function when I'm in a client record and want to scroll down the contact fields in that record as in the screen shot. 

            I just looked up what you mean by "child" table...I don't think my system's been set up that way.

            Anyway, it's a pity if the simple functionality of the scroll wheel I described can't work here.