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Floating Dialog Window in FM Go / iOS?

Question asked by bee13 on Sep 20, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2016 by skywillmott

Are floating dialog windows possible in FM Go?


I have a very nice dialog-style interface window put up via script which allows the user to select various filters for a report.  It works great in OS X (i.e it floats in front of the window to which it has context) but isn't so great in iOS on iPad.  In iOS, the script puts it up, as desired, but the small "floating" filter layout takes up the whole screen, completely blocking the underlying layout to which it has context.


The floating dialog window shows via script step "Go to Related Record" and "Show record using layout: Report Filters," "Show in new window," "Specify advanced style," "Window style: Dialog window (modal)."


Are floating dialog windows possible in iOS? Am I doing something incorrectly? Any ideas?