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FM IOS SDK, iTunes Connect Issue

Question asked by ontarget on Sep 20, 2016
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September 20, 2016


When I opened a new project that was added to the SDK folder, and I was trying to add it to Xcode I got a dialogue from Apple that I had to accept new terms related to iOS 10. I had no problem with the term so I agreed to them. But when I close the dialog I had another dialogue saying that I had update Xcode and install new products. Not seeing any issue that I completed the install. When I continued and opened Xcode, the install I just added change the version of my Xcode to version 8. This caused several errors to appear in the new project. Recently I added a discussion related to the same errors, and when I checked with support they indicated that version 7 of Xcode is the only accepted version of Xcode for the FileMaker SDK.


Because of this issue, I was required to change the name of my project, and then rebuild the application again, and I had to create new provisioning profiles with a different name for the app ID and profiles.

I also had to find an old version of Xcode 7.3, and I would use that version by opening it first and then running the SDK folder version to build the project in Xcode. All of this work just fine, and I was able to open the project in version 7.3 of Xcode and build the project and run it. This did not end the problem! I went back to iTunes connect where had created the prior project and I tried to create a new iTunes connect file for the new project. In the process of adding the new project, and adding data to the pop up screen I did not get the app ID to appear in the listed items for the bundle ID.


I checked my profiles and my Apple ID, and everything looked correct. The only problem I had is that nothing I could do would allow my project to display a bundle ID in the dialogue I was viewing. Is anybody else run into this problem? If yes how did you solve it when the bundle ID is not displayed?