Video playback from FM Server to FM Go - Not working

Discussion created by appt on Sep 20, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2017 by ADNPlus

We have an FM Go solution for iPads that is accessing the FM file on a server at a university in Auckland.

The solution allows teachers to record student progress through photos, video and audio.

Photos upload to the server and can be viewed no problem.

However, video and audio will upload but when we try to access for playback we get the message "media cannot be accessed"

It is possible to export the media into a player such as VLC which at least proves that the upload is working but we should be able to play the media natively in FM Go.

Locally it was no problem and also on a shared local network.


I tried using the AV script to script a playback button as this looked like an issue but it did not solve it.


Can anyone offer help or advice on this, my fledgling business relies on it.