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    FMPro 9, 10, 11 Snow Leopard to El Capitan


      I am running a small network of eight Macs running FMPro 9 on Snow Leopard 10.6.8


      There is a database of <100,000 records hosted on one Mac running FMPro 9 and sharing its connection with 7 clients running a mixture of FMPro 9 and 10. Other than the fact that the client runnng FMPro 10 sometimes fails to print when clicking a script button, everything works as expected.


      After a couple of HDD failures and general incompatibilities of browser-based systems we use, the time has come to upgrade our Macs. FMPro is holding us back.


      I ordered some Mac minis which are currently running El Capitan 10.11.6 and started testing.


      FMPro 9 and FMPro 10 have a problem when printing summaries of "Records being browsed" - it prints the current record instead. (This problem also existed in a previous attempt to update Mavericks on 1 of the Macs so we reverted to Snow Leopard.


      I installed the trial version of FMPro 11 on one of the new El Capitan Macs and this problem was fixed. After ordering 8 new licenses of FMPro 11 the user of the test machine reported that when using the drag-and-drop facility the screen was going blank. In fact, pressing and holding the mouse in the white space outside the field area also makes the records disappear.


      I created a new database with 2 fields and 2 records and the behaviour is the same.


      Testing the same file in Snow Leopard does not show the problem.


      Any suggestions welcome please!

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          I have FMP 11 running on 10.10 Yosemite and that works.


          You should be able to install Yosemite on a new (late 2014) Mac Mini since that is the version it came originally with.


          Hope that helps,



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            FMP 11 on Yosemite seemed ok to me as far as I remember, though is definitely glitchy on El Capitan as you have noticed...


            Is there any reason why you can't just upgrade to FileMaker 15 to use on El Capitan? I guess one reason might be that peer-to-peer sharing using FileMaker Pro as you are currently doing with your 8 macs is restricted to 6 simultaneous connections (including the host) in versions 13 and newer..?


            However, if you can do it, then I would definitely recommend using FileMaker Server 15 and Pro 15 for the clients... The new FileMaker Licensing for Teams package would probably suit your situation quite well, though you would be best to have a machine set up up specifically as a FileMaker Server...

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              Thank you for that. I was hoping for compatibility with El Capitan to try to be as up to date as possible OS-wise. If we use Yosemite we'd be 2 OS release behind as of the Sierra release.

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                There are several reasons I don't want to upgrade to FileMaker 15:


                1> As you rightly guessed, the number of connections is greater with versions 12 and below


                2> I don't need to convert to the new .fmp12 format; whether that would have any impact in itself I don't know but using version 11 and below means I can test it with our existing network of clients running versions 9 and 10


                3> Cost! I just bought 8 licenses for version 11 for £66 ($86) each. FileMaker 15 would cost £864 per year or £2592 for 8 licenses and 1 server license.


                We don't plan to develop the system so we're only upgrading for OS compatibility, the only area we're thinking of developing is using ODBC to interface to our MySQL database and/or integration with external servers via their APIs.


                Our current system uses a Mac Mini as the host. There is no user of that Mac Min, it's used solely as a FileMaker host. I'm not sure we would benefit greatly from using FileMaker Server 15.


                Does FileMaker 12 work OK in El Capitan?

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                  I see your point, I have not tested FM 12 on El Capitan, but I would not go FM 12, the way I see it FM 12 is just the first step to the new file format, the real benefits came with FM 13.


                  so costs wise, downgrading the mini's to Yosemite is the cheapest option and you should be good for a while.


                  After that, upgrading to the fmp12 format, where you could use a fmp12 as a server and use fmp13 or 14 on the clients to benefit from the new structure, or go to the latest and greatest version for which you probably have to upgrade the systems for the FM9 users to at least 10.9?


                  Hope that helps

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                    I would agree with Ruben... Downgrading the mini's to Yosemite and keeping with FM11 would be your cheapest option, and would probably keep you ok for a year or two, but you then lose the benefits of running the latest macOS (and other high usage applications such as web browsers etc) on new machines.


                    Inevitably at some point you will need to update to FileMaker 13 or newer (I agree that using 12 really isn't worth it - v13 and newer really are much better).


                    As for the cost of going full on with updating to FileMaker Server 15 with 8 Pro 15 client licenses (with the benefit of having all your systems running up-to-date macOS as well as the performance and reliability benefits of using FM Server), the £864 per year works out at just over £2 per user per week - less than the price of a coffee from Starbucks or wherever, so if your business can afford a coffee per week for each user, then why not spend the same on a key business application? Furthermore, if you are a charity or non-profit organisation, then this cost is about halved to just over £1 per user per week :-) In addition, you will then also get the 'free' upgrades to new FileMaker versions as they become available.


                    Your biggest cost would be replacing older macs with newer ones capable of running El Capitan and now Sierra, but it seems you have already done that, so you are good to go on that front... In some offices I have FileMaker installations that are still using old mac minis that can't take anything newer than MacOS 10.7, but even with those we can use FileMaker 13 connecting to Server 15... and in one case we have a couple of old Mac minis that can't take newer than Mac OS X 10.6 running FileMaker 12 connecting to Server 14...

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                      Markus Schneider

                      FM is running quite fair under 10.11 - besides of black windows during start up and white ones when moving items (as well in the relationship graph..) - that's since 10.11, 10.10 was fine


                      I've heard now, that this is fine under 10.12 - but I do not have a machine with 10.12

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                        I'll download Sierra today and let you know

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                          This could be a great result all round...


                          The white screen when using drag-and-drop for text appears to be OK in Sierra


                          Any other problems in FM11 in El Capitan? I am happy to test them.

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                            Markus Schneider



                            I'm working for some time now with 10.11 and FM11 on my Macbook, while I refused to upgrade my desktop machine  until Apple anonced the final release of 10.12 - and it wasn't so bad (dealing with that glass keyboard and the 2-finger taps on that #%} trackpad on my iPad is more worse...)


                            I created a VM with 10.10 to make sure supporting older customer versions anyways


                            I won't upgrade my machines to the new OS soon - no one could tell me reasons to upgrade.. susposing that compatibility between iOS and MacOS will be the reason, one day