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Discussion created by hankshrier on Sep 20, 2016
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I know Nothing about HTML, so please be gentle.   I need to send an HTML, I'm going yo call it string to a server and wait for a response.


I want to use the "Insert From URL  step.   I'm used to building key value pairs that are sent as a get.  Here is what the string that works, looks like


HTTP:the url for the server goes here?TerminalTransaction=<request><PaymentType>Credit</PaymentType><TransType>Sale</TransType><Amount>1.00</Amount><Tip>0.00</Tip><Frequency>OneTime</Frequency><InvNum></InvNum><RefId>1</RefId><RegisterId>1111111</RegisterId><AuthKey>XXXXXXXXX</AuthKey><PrintReceipt>No</PrintReceipt></request>


I need to insert fields in the area between the tags. So instead of sending <Amount>1<Amount, I need to send  <Amount>FileMaker field<Amount>  Hopefully this makes sense to people who know how do deal with HTML.
My alternative is to have someone build a PHP page that can accept my key-value pairs and then send it to the server as HTML.














Hoprfully this makes sense to