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Discussion created by jmyers.svt on Sep 20, 2016
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Hi all,


I am looking for a bit of guidance. I have a current filemaker database that I use in my company. It is currently for work orders for my technicians. RIght now, I just use a portal and they view their work orders for that day, next day, all open, etc etc...


I am looking to expand on this. I have the need to block off certain points of time for meetings, training etc. I am not looking to implement a calendar solution, but possibly the same concept. The portals work well for my dispatcher because she can see each tech and where they are, etc.


So my thought process is as follows.


Create an 'Events' table, link it to the 'Work Orders' and 'Meetings' tables. From the Events table, I can control the date and time in/out for each event. Then select what type of event it is(work order/meeting). Then from there it will have all the information pertaining to each type of event.


My problem lies in execution. I understand how to make the relationships in the database, but I am struggling with how to do this from a design aspect. My dispatcher uses FMP and the technicians all use FMGO on iPad Air 2. It doesnt necessarily all have to be on one layout. I can have the event being created on one layout and my dispatcher can use portals to pull the events for each technician schedule like she has been doing. I guess my brain just isnt working to wrap my head around the full concept of design.


I am open to suggestions, criticism, guidance, etc. Please help.