Dropdown list do not list all enteries, come up with wrong filter.

Discussion created by akhlaq38 on Sep 20, 2016
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Hi all

I have transactions tables where they need to enter value of "product ID" from "products" table. I have drop down or popup list getting value from product id and product name. If the product id is simple 1,2,3 and list shows both id and name then it is Ok. But if I use some code names as ID or I set the list to only show second field "product name" then the list do not come with all records. It filter it by seeing only first few digits. Like

If code number is like 10e1.2c18, 10e1.2c16,  10e1.2c14, 10e1.2d18, 10e1.2d16, 10e1.2d14. All are unique values. Popup or drop down list shows only first 3 records. So the total list of 380 record shown up with less than half in the list.

I left up the idea of coding and given the simple 1,2,3 serial numbers. But I want to show the list from the names. There it is the same problem, the list is only shown some wrong filtered list, with many names missing. Name are like"E10-1.2-CH-18", "E10-1.2-CH-16", "E10-1.2-CH-14", "E10-1.2-DL-18", "E10-1.2-DL-16", "E10-1.2-DL-14". The names are also unique, combination of name, thickness, color and length. In creating value list, it is selected "Include all records". But list only showing first 3 names of 6.

Is it normal behavior in FM or some thing is wrong or need to add some options?