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    Inconsistent Behavior of Quotation Marks in Popover Window Titles


      After creating a new popover button, I wanted to entitle it

      About the ''Person Picker'' Portal

      so that's what I typed into the title field. Upon exiting the field, FileMaker inserted quotation marks fore and aft and took issue with the ones I had typed, thinking that they represented something other than literal text:


      Popover 1.jpeg


      OK, I figured, no biggie. I've been down this road before. Just preface my own quotation marks with a backslash, and all will be copacetic. But no. The error message went away, but look at the actual title that ended up in the popover window:


      Popover 2.jpeg


      My current workaround is to type 2 apostrophes instead of a quotation mark, producing the desired appearance:


      Popover 3.jpeg


      However, this is inconsistent behavior on the part of FileMaker, and I wish it would work the same way as other text entry.