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Filemaker 15 How can I do what I want to do?

Question asked by on Sep 21, 2016
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hello everyone

Please advise if you can. I am a long term novice with Filemaker but I normally get to work my way around most things I want/need but am now stuck. Here goes.

I am a funeral minister delivering funeral services for which I have written a database to track all requirements for each service. I have tables such as:

Booking details, music, poems, hymns, family, Funeral Director, crematorium etc. These are then linked with relationships and all works well with drop-down lists and I am pleased with the results.

However, when I compile a service, both for me to deliver and also to print the Order of Service booklets given to the congregation, I have to do this virtually manually as the order for each service is different and bespoke. Some want a poem first then a hymn, some want two hymns then a poem the choices are quite mixed.

Is there a way I can somehow pick out the various parts of a service in sequence? That is, have a list of poem1, poem2, hymn1, eulogy, poem3 and somehow tick a box or put a sequence number in a box alongside each field to insert these into a layout in the chosen order, perhaps using a script to insert?

It seems to me that you can only sort records from the same table (I could be wrong there) which is where I am totally stuck.

Any help would be most welcome.