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Discussion created by tomtheriault on Sep 21, 2016
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I have a solution were the "Formatting" bar is available but only in "Full Access", when my "Custom" menu is used ( when a user logs on ), I am unable to access the formatting bar.  It remains "Grayed Out" even when the user clicks into text field.


I have a script step where I have the "Formatting Bar" set to "On" and everything works when I am in "Full Access", however when a user logs in, the formatting bar remains "Grayed Out" when the user clicks into the text field to edit ???


Is there any understanding available as to what might be going on, all the links, link to discussion where all you have to do is "Turn" on the "Formatting Bar" in a "Script" step.


Does the custom menu set when used prevent the "Formatting Bar" ???  I must have the "Formatting Bar" when my user logs on.


Any assistance here I would be grateful.


Thank you.