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    Dynamic size portals... or lists?




      I don't even how to ask this: I have a list of records, and let's assume I'm just displaying one field. Text, several lines. Some of the fields of these records have many lines, some few. How do I show a list that does not have a fixed field size but a small box for little text, and a higher box for much text? It's




      bla  (entry 1)


      bla  (entry 2)





      bla   (entry 3)

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          You can't do it in a portal.


          For preview and Print purposes, you can use a list view layout, make the field many lines tall and set it to slide up and to resize the enclosing part. This does not work in Browse and other layout design requirements might preclude using a list view layout for this purpose.


          Another option that may or may not work is to set up a single field to display this data. The List and ExecuteSQL functions can produce a return separated list of such values from multiple records. List would use the portal's relationship and give you the same result as a non-filtered portal. ExecuteSQL can define its own relationship, if needed and can replicate the results you might see in a filtered portal.

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            Thanks Phil; I thought about the second one but it seemed more complicated than what you're suggesting first: I just don't understand, how do I set it (I assume the Body part) to slide slide up and resize?


            For reasons complicated to explain, I'm using FM11...

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              FM 11 precludes ExecuteSQL, but not the List function.


              To set an item to slide up, you select the field, not the layout part and then select the options I mentioned previously in the inspector's Position tab.


              Please note the following limitations:


              1. Sliding is only visible when your window is in preview mode, printed or saved as PDF.
              2. All objects below the field in the same layout part where you select this also have to be set slide up and resize.
              3. Portals can slide up, but only to reduce the number of portal rows. Fields inside the portal row do not resize.
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                Wow perfect, thanks a lot!