Script Workspace: Comment line leaves extra empty line after window resize

Discussion created by justinc on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by TSGal

This is relatively minor, but I wanted to report it anyway.  If you had a script with a comment that is too wide for the current workspace window, the Script workspace will automatically wrap that comment on a new non-numbered line.  (I wish it were an option to wrap long lines or not - I personally don't like it, especially for command-steps.)  But if you resize the window to fit the width of the Comment line, the blank line it created in order to wrap the comment sometimes doesn't disappear.


There is a workaround:  click into the comment so it's being edited, then click out.


See the attached screen shot.  The only difference between the two images is that I widened the Workspace window a bit.  The first image shows the comment on two lines, the second one shows the vestigial extra-line after the window was widened.


OS X 10.11.6

FMPA 15.0.1


--  Justin