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    Need to upgrade all computers to FM-15?


      I have a database I host and share peer to peer via Filemaker networking on our in-house network. We all run Filemaker 12 on various Mac computers.  If I upgrade my machine to FM-15, will all my peers need to upgrade to FM-15 also or can they continue to use FM-12 to access the file?

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          I think the answer is "it depends"....As long as you don't use an features in versions > 12 I think (but have not tested) that you should probably be OK mixing the two versions (and that you have the setting in FM to allow access for 12).


          I would run a test on a single machine using a test .FMP12 file so I don't risk corrupting any data.


          And, see what others here say as well.


          I would also call FileMaker's 800 number if one of the "TS" Folks don't respond here to make sure.


          HOPE THIS HELPS.

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            So far as I know the new security features in FMS 15 that prevent v12 clients from connecting are not an issue in P2P environment. Should work fine.