Formatting Bar Unavailable with Custom Menu

Discussion created by tomtheriault on Sep 21, 2016
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Product and version - FileMaker Pro 14.0.3

Browser and version  - No Browser, Hosted Solution

Hardware - MacBook / Yosemite 10.10.5 / Hosted Solution

Description - Unable to access formatting bar in a custom menu set.  We can turn On / Off but unable to access, grayed out !!

How to replicate - Custom menu set.

Workaround - None that i am aware of.


To whom it may concern.


I have a hosted solution via a hosting company.


On start up we select a custom menu rather than allow the "Standard" Filemaker menu and the "Custom" menu only carries "Copy and Paste".  Everything else is script driven within the solution.


The customer wants access to the "Formatting Bar" when they click into a text field now.  However, I can turn the formatting bar ON and OFF via a script but access to this formatting bar remains "Grayed Out" when clicking into a "Text" field and this is a normal text field, no calculation, nothing, just a plain text field.


When I switch to "Standard" Filemaker menu with "Minimum" select in the privilege pane see attached, the "Formatting Bar" remains "Grayed Out", only when I select "All" am I allow access to the "Formatting Bar".


We can not allow our customers full access nor full access to "Filemaker Standard Menu" commands.


The formatting bar must be available when a "Custom" menu is used.


Please can I get some assistance ??


Am I doing something / anything wrong ??  I've posted the issue to the FM Forum's however with no successful solutions I a hopeful that maybe I could get someone interested in looking at my issue here in this forum.


I've try adding the "Formatting Bar" to the custom menu but that only all the "user" to turn ON / OFF the formatting bar.  The formatting bar remained "Grayed Out".


Thank you.