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What to learn about EDI/XML, web-services and API?

Discussion created by Magnus Fransson on Sep 22, 2016
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Hi all,


My client just got an inquiry from an external partner, that might/will increase current project.



Hi, please make sure this reach your IT department.

Sorry for the short notice.



Dear Partner NI,


We have now decided what format we are going to have in our future integration.




There are 2 different options:






- Prefered




- Alternatives:


o all newer versions could potentially be backported to D96A





- Prefered


o UBL 2.1


§ EU approved


§ ISO international standard


o xCBL 3.5


§ Common in older systems with support for all required document types


- Alternatives


o cXML 1.2


§ This standard lacks the order update message from a vendor but supports a "synchronous" OrderStatusRequest.


§ The vendor must provide a webservice implementing this document where we can request actual status for all orders so we have accurate ETA dates.



[End quote.]


I will of course Google: EDIFACT D96A; UBL 2.1;  xCBL 3.5 and cXML 1.2.


The system I'm maintaining right now is a combined CRM, ordering, stock keeping and invoicing system built from scratch in FileMaker. Being an experienced FileMaker developer, I have not yet done anything that uses XML, as "heavily". I have just started reading Beverlys excellent book. I feel that this is outside my "comfort zoon", there are a lot that I have to learn.


My question to you are what do I need to know/learn? XML/XSLT of course, but what about web-services? And can FileMaker Server act as a "host" for those web-services? Or do I need to involve some external software? If so, which?


With best regards Magnus Fransson.