Bug with FileMaker Server 15 installer

Discussion created by scottworld on Sep 21, 2016
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There is a major bug when trying to install FileMaker Server 15 on Mac OS X 10.11.6.


If you already have the newest version of Java installed on your Mac (Java 8 version 101) -- which is NEWER than the version of Java that ships with the FileMaker Server 15 installer -- then the FileMaker Server installer will never complete its installation process. The FileMaker Server installer doesn't understand that you already have the newest version of Java installed on your Mac, so the installer keeps prompting you to install Java using the older Java installer that ships with FileMaker Server 15. However, the Java installer won't allow you to install because you already have a newer version of Java installed. So you get stuck in an infinite loop, which FileMaker Server is in charge of. FileMaker Server never lets you escape the infinite loop, and never lets you install FileMaker Server. It seems like the only the solution is to uninstall Java altogether from the Mac first, before trying to install FileMaker Server. TSGal tsplatypus


Please see 2 screenshots below in the 2 following posts.