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    time triggered script


      I'd like to make a script that acts after a certain time limit. As in, I want one Layout to load, and after 45 minutes, the script is triggered (which submits certain global fields & automatically moves the User to a different Layout).


      Is this OnTimer or is there a different route? The info on OnTimer is a little confusing.

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          David Moyer


          yes, you're on the right track with Install On Timer.

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            Install OnTimer Script [“<script>”; Parameter: <script parameter>; Interval: <number>]


            You might add a script trigger (onLayotEnter) to set the timer. Remember that the interval for the OnTimer function is SECONDS, so you would need 45*60 = 2700 seconds


            The script that this OnTimer calls would then do your dirty work. The OnTimer would be voided when you change layouts, so you don't have to remove it yourself. If you don't change layouts and want to cancel the timer, you would call it with an interval of 0 (zero).

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