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Monkeying With Checkbox Set Lists

Question asked by bee13 on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2016 by beverly

Hi all.


PRIMARY QUESTION: Is it possible to deeply manipulate certain checkbox set list items separately from the the rest of their plain vanilla checkbox-cousins?


ABOUT ME: FMPA 13, Mac OS X El Capitan, FM Go 15, self-taught novice aspiring to intermediate in ongoing project to provide my teacher/wife with a data management tool which helps her leverage the little time she has.


Okay, so what do I mean by deeply manipulate?  I have two cases in mind...


ITEM 1: I have a list of 15 items in a "Students" table formatted as a checkbox set which is populated by a simple value list.  This list is part of a teacher's classroom checklist which, in-turn, is part of a larger FM DB situated on an iOS / iPad platform.  My teacher informs me that, of course, not all checklist items are created equal.  It turns out that one item (value 13 of 15) must be conditionally available to user-manipulation based upon a student's range of age.  If the student is between the ages of three and four (inclusive), the checkbox and its corresponding value is to be dark grey in color and made available to check/uncheck via screen tapping.  If the student is five or older, the checkbox and its value change to light grey color and the checkbox becomes inactive/disabled.


ITEM 2: I have a couple of other checkboxes in the overall checkbox set which need to look at values in various parts of the DB and then automatically check/uncheck themselves in order to reduce unnecessary manual data upkeep.  My only solution for these was to remove these two values from the associated value list and put just carriage returns in their place, thus leaving two empty spaces in the resulting checkbox set.  I then created two calc text fields, formatted them as checkboxes, and manually slid them into the spaces left over from the carriage returns in the value list.


This method works but it seems clunky and unpolished.  Plus, it's downright tedious attempting, by trial and error, to get the correct spacing between checkboxes on the Mac to then have the spacing drastically change when the solution is ported to iPad.  The 'fix' winds up looking ugly on the Mac with overlapping checkboxes, etc. in order to have it correctly spaced and justified on iPad.


So, back to my question.  Is there a way to individually 'cherry-pick' list values formatted as checkboxes, apply calculations to some so they auto-check/uncheck, change box/text coloring on others and make them active/inactive based on related DB values, and leave the remaining 'normal' checkbox set items to function manually?


Thanks for any ideas you can provide!