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Restoring Data to the Primary Server From a Standby Server Once The Primary Server is Back Up

Question asked by miraklemax on Sep 22, 2016
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I have a client with a FileMaker 14 Server.


We recently added a Standby Server (SS) and connected it up. It seems to work fine after deploying per FMI guidelines.


Today we thought we would test it all out and make sure that the SS is serving its intended purpose.


So with the Primary Server (PS) and the SS running normally, we powered down the PS, simulating a crash/power loss etc.


We then went to the SS and ran the command line procedures to make the SS the new PS. That worked fine.


We then had users log into the SS-now-PS and make record edits. That worked fine, too.


Now we wanted to turn the original PS back on, simulating that the power is back on or the server is now repaired, etc, and allow the original PS to become the PS again and turn the SS-now-PS back into a SS, just like when everything began.


But this is where I'm stuck and/or the documentation is not clear (at least to me).


It seems like there should be a command/routine where you can just reconnect the PS to the SS-now-SS and the PS-now-SS while send all of its changes back to the PS and become the SS again. But how?


I tried doing a switchover (starting from the SS-now-PS) but at that point the SS-now-PS is running in standalone mode and does not see a SS of its own.


So next I tried to connect the SS-now-PS to the original PS, making the original PS the PS-now-SS in the hopes that I could sync the changes that way and then do a switchover. But when I do this, it throws an error something along the lines of "these FileMaker files on this server are different than the files on the SS so the SS setup/connection cannot continue".


Which is of course true since users made edits to the SS-now-PS while the PS was down/out of commission.


I also thought of running a standby update from the command line (starting in the SS-now-PS), but, again, the SS-now-PS does not have its own SS to update/connect to.


Anyway, hopefully I am missing something obvious. I would love to leave a simple set of procedures for my client so if they cannot reach me they can effectively use a SS if the PS goes down and then easily restore the newer data in the SS-now-PS back to the PS when the PS is back up (and turn the SS-now-PS back into a SS).


I'm cc-ing a few high-tech engineers in the case that they can help shed light.


Also: I am at


Many thanks!