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Simple create related record using checkboxes

Question asked by gantoja on Sep 22, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2016 by gantoja

Hi, this may be very simple but can't find yet a solution.


I would like to use checkboxes to create and update records in a related table, instead of in a text field in the same table.

I would like to put the possible values (value list of a checkbox list) as columns, so as not to repeat each possible value in each box.


This would be to maintain a many-to-many relationships (where one is an inventory and the second is a limited set, but that can change over time, and I don't want to use tags because the list may change).


What would be the best approach for using a portal and checkboxes and some script to show/populate/create record/update records?


If you need more information please tell so.


Thanks a lot!