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    Monitoring ESS Connections




      Current setup is Windows Server running FMS 11 with 10 Mac clients. 

      FMS 15 is on the way - final hoop-jumps next week.


      The server is in-house as are clients so FMP performance is not at issue.

      The main database has an ESS connection to a SQL db in Texas (we are in Alberta).

      Things work well 99% of the time.

      It is the 1% that is becoming problematic.

      We have a number of routines that push data into the SQL tables (these tables sit under client website) and load course registrations. 

      Sometimes we lose contact mid-routine and the user gets stuck with an "ODBC lost connection..." error message that can only be cleared by a ForceQuit of FMP.  Suspect that the record we were writing to in incomplete wrt mandatory/non-empty fields.


      Is there a reliable way that we can detect the connection loss during a routine?  eg.  Get(ODBCError).

      I suspect we could drop in a Revert Record if we knew the connection was lost - though without the connection I am not sure the revert would revert.



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          Johan Hedman

          I  your script, check to make sure that there is no record looking and also that you have contact with the table.


          If( not IsEmpty( table::ID)

               Keep going


               Warning dialog och finish

          End if


          My guess is that you are trying to Set Field when you dont have a connection and this will cause your freeze and you have to ForzeQuit you FMP.


          You can do the If-statement quite often in your script, but you dont have to do it in between every Set Field