FileMaker Server Script: invalid account name or password.

Discussion created by JustinHesser on Sep 22, 2016
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I have FileMaker Server 15 set up on a mac mini (OSX El Capitan). I am trying to run a System Script that pulls data from a website using an api and puts it into a .csv file on the computer with the goal of having a separate FileMaker Script take this file and place it into my database.


I have a .sh file in my Scripts folder (in FileMaker Server/Data/Scripts) that basically tells a php file in the Documents folder to run. I know that the script works because when I run it from Terminal it works perfectly.


When I set up the script to run through FileMaker Server, however, I get the following error: Schedule "Name" aborted; invalid account name or password.


What is causing this problem and how do I go about fixing it?


Also, while I'm here, it is pretty annoying to myself and my team that we have to use a php file in the first place to get and parse an api. Does FileMaker have the ability to get/parse data from a RESTful API call through a FileMaker Script? If so, how does that work?