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    Portal Hierarchy n00b


      I've been playing with Excelisys Hierarchy and tried a bunch of different variations, just struggling to understand the concept.

      Hoping for some guidance in the right direction. I've attached an example file.


      Really trying to implement 2 tables:


      -Parent 1

      ---Child 1

      --Child 2

      --Child 3

      -Parent 2

      ---Child 4

      --Child 5

      --Child 6

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          The concept is, portal can show records from only one table.

          You need creating all parent and child records in a table.

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            To expand on what you are being told in every forum where you have posted this request: this information belongs in one table.


            If you look at literal human parent child relationships, then (again) there is ONE table.

            Every record has a unique ID. In addition, foreign keys fk_Mom and fk_Dad.


            It is a "People" table. There is no "Parents" table.

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              Or you use two portals, one to list the parents and one to list the child records of a selected parent where you click the parent row and a script updates a field such that only the child records for the selected parent appear in the second portal.


              Other options:

              A list view layout based on parent can include a portal to Child. this will look much like what you describe here.


              A list view layout based on Child can include fields from Parent in a sub summary layout part and if you then sort by parent, you get the layout that you describe.


              A portal to Child can include both Parent and Child fields if the relationship is set up correctly. A Hide Object When condition can hide data from Parent except for the first Child record for that Parent--but this can be a bit tricky to do.