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    metadata from url insert


      Is it possible to get the metadata creation date from the file in a url insert?

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          David Moyer


          you've done an Insert from URL into a text field and you want to be able to extract the creation date.  Is that correct?  Can you see the metadata in the text field?

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            No can not see any metadata from the URL insert, just the text from the file in my global text field.


            I want to know when the data was last updated with out repeating the date in the data or using an XML approach.

            I'm guessing I could put this into a container field and the metadata may show up then and copy over to the text field and create the records.


            Currently the file is 12K, for 1400 records. Examples of the first few lines below.

            I will be doing a nightly batch in our main frame and sending this file to a web server.

            iPhones or iPads will open my Go app and update the quantities.

            Just using my cell connection (no WiFi) it looks like it is instantaneous.


            3682    A    98

            4590    H    4

            9139    A    33

            11626    H    60

            7062    H    -1


            By the way, I been wondering are you related to Chris?

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              David Moyer

              If it's not in the text, then I wouldn't know how to get it.  I think GetContainerAttributes only returns modified date for jpeg and tiff.

              No, no relation that I know of.