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SQL query Script works fine on server except with PSoS.

Question asked by user25271 on Sep 23, 2016
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SQL query Script works fine on server except with PSoS. Server log returns "error 2023 at Import Records." Filemaker says the error code appears to come from database driver which is the Devart/Firebird 64/32 bit combo driver for the Fishbowl Inventory Management dB. Anyone seen this?


I loaded the 64 bit version of FMA on my Windows 2012-R2 server to write a script compatible with 64 bit FM Server,

I normally use 32 bit FMA because I am connecting to a 32 bit dB.

Devart makes a Dual 64/32 Driver for my 32 Bit Fishbowl Management Software database.

I created both 32 and 64 bit DNS setups with the same name with the Devart driver.

This simple test script runs every time from FMA 64 bit which proves the Devart driver sucessfully connects the 64 bit software to the 32 bit database:

Name: Test 64 Bit

Go to Layout ["Fishbowl Devart" (Fishbowl Devart")]

Import Records [With dialog:off;Select ID from SOITEM where ID= 105110;Add; Windows ANSI]

Show All Records


But when I create a PSoS script it does not import

Set Error Capture (on)

Go to Layout ["Fishbowl Devart" (Fishbowl Devart")]

Perform Script On Server [Wait For Completion]; "Test 64 Bit"