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    how would you add the @ sign to a filter function


      I'm trying to use the FILTER function on an email address field but it seems to be ignoring the @ (at sign).  is there a trick I'm missing?


      When i try ...


      Filter ( emailaddress ; "@.-_abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ01234156789 " ) 


      it strips the @ sign from the field ... which I don't want it to obviously.


      I tried a backslash before the @ sign, didn't help.

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          I'm not sure why it is not working for you. I just tried it myself using an Email address field and a Filter field with Email contained the email address and Filter being a calculation. After typing in an email address of "test@test.com", the Filter field shows "test@test.com".


          Wish I could be of more help. Is there anything else influencing the emailaddress field? Unless the emailaddress field has multiple '@', it should be working.

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            I suggest taking one step back and taking a look at how you are using this function. Something in the implementation has led you to believe that it didn't work as expected.


            Perhaps you have updated an auto-enter calculation and noticed no change in a record that already had data in it? Changes to an auto-enter calculation won't update existing data unless you take additional steps to force an update.


            But that's just one example of what might lead a person to think that a calculation isn't evaluating as expected.