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Performance - moving to a wide layout

Question asked by fougere on Sep 23, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by fougere

I just moved a database to a host, and in general everything seems fine. However, I have some quite wide layouts, and when I switch from a "normal" size layout to an "extra-wide" layout (close to 1900 points), with a 2 line script (go to Layout and either Adjust or Move/Resize Window, it takes almost 15 seconds to make the switch - the first time. It also has a somewhat alarming look to it. The screen turns mostly black with a small white box in the middle. After the first time in the session, when switching, the time is much shorter. The switch is also normal when the database is on my hard drive. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Of course, I could reduce the number of columns and have a less wide layout, but I'm hoping the community will have some other thoughts...